When it comes to nutrition it seems like every day there’s a new thing to eat…

Or not eat.

How do you know what’s right and who to trust?


I trust what’s worked for thousands of years.


My training and approach has nothing to do with the latest fad diet, cutting out food groups or extremist, all-or-nothing perfectionism.

I believe the key to health is following in the footsteps of our ancestors – who did not suffer with things like obesity, cancer and ADHD. I believe in simply eating real food. All kinds of real food: red meat, white meat, fish, diary, veggies, fruit and fat. If you can find it in nature it’s good in my book.

Of course, in an ideal world everyone would eat all things organic, free range, soaked, sprouted, and fermented, but we live in the real world and sometimes the only thing we can manage is a KINDbar (at best). 

I combine traditional wisdom with the facts of with modern life.

My approach is practical. I work with you wherever you are at nutritionally, showing you how you can move towards a more healthy lifestyle, without turning your life upside down.