No matter where you're located, my full service is available 100% online, and via telephone or Skype. 

FREE Q&A Consultation

If you’re interested but still have some questions, sign up for a free 15-minute phone or Skype consultation where you can ask me anything and make sure this service is right for you.  



After our one-on-one training you will know:

  • How to quit counting calories forever 
  • The exact foods and exercise that work with your body's unique chemistry 
  • The 5 most important supplements every woman should take 
  • How to transform your body with 30-minute workouts 
  • The number one mistake that will lower your metabolism 
  • My pimple-free, wrinkle-free skin care regimen 
  • Exactly what to eat before and after you workout 
  • How to detox the RIGHT way
  • Why steak, butter, ice cream, and salt are NOT to be feared
  • The top 3 foods that cause aging and weight gain 
  • How hormones control your weight and what to do about it 
  • The truth about alcohol: can you drink and reach your goals?  
  • The secret to boosting your fertility and your libido
  • How certain diets and exercise can actually make you gain weight  
  • My Top 15 Ultimate Superfoods (also not what you think)
  • Reading an ingredient label: what matters and what doesn't 
  • The best food and supplement brands
  • The secret to thicker hair, stronger nails, and firmer skin 
  • How to eat healthy without spending your life in the kitchen 


Private coaching

Jumpstart Package: $150
Feel like you're doing everything right, but not getting results? The Jumpstart Package is ideal for individuals who want insight into their current diet and lifestyle, and targeted changes they can make to achieve the results they want. 

  • One 45-minute info session to discuss your specific dietary needs / goals ($75 value)
  • One week of sample meals - 3 meals per day with recipes + snack & dessert ideas / options ($50 value)
  • One 30-minute follow-up to explain the meals / nutrition strategy ($50 value)
  • One phone check-in at the end of the week to determine how the meals work for you ($25 value)
  • One bonus follow-up, 30-minute phone consultation for more questions and guidance ($29 value)

5 Month Transformation Package : $475
This package is designed for individuals who want to take a deep dive into their health and transform their bodies from the inside out. 

  • Initial 1-hour consultation ($150 value)
  • Complete, 300-question online body profile 
  • Custom diet, supplement, and exercise program ($200 value)
  • Sample meal plan, plate-building guide, 'Yes' and 'No' food lists, grocery store guide
  • 1-hour followup call to discuss your plan, any questions, and next steps 
  • Five, 30-minute followup consultations ($50 value) 

Additional meal plans: $150

Just have a couple of questions? 
If you feel like you've got your nutrition pretty much dialed in, but just have a couple of issues or questions you can't quite figure out on your own, sign up for a question and answer session. Here, you can get the expert advice and actionable tips and strategies you need to get you pointed in the right direction and back on track. 

  • 30 minutes: $29
  • 1 Hour: $45


Corporate consulting & wellness programs

I also work one-on-one with businesses and corporations to deliver the same level of  care and customization as I do with my clients. Together we'll create a tailor-made wellness program specifically designed for your team.