Everybody's got problems. Acne, IBS, depression, traffic on the 405. Turns out that most of these problems can be considerably improved by just chewing your food.

Actually the solution is focusing on digestion as a whole - if you don't digest your food properly, your body can't absorb all the nutrients, and this begins a whole cascade of bodily issues that can result in bad skin, bad moods and bad bowel movements, to name a few.

And it all starts with chewing.


I know growing up in my household the kitchen table was the kitchen counter, where my mother and I would stand, inhaling our food - usually an assortment of randomness: cheese, rotisserie chicken bits, a scoop (or ten) of peanut butter, the occasional hunk of frozen key lime pie - like a Nascar pit crew.  Gobble gobble. This practice of chew, chew swallow sends nearly solid food down your gullet into your stomach.

Think about it: there's teeth in your mouth, the purpose of which are to breakdown food, if you don't break it down COMPLETELY in your mouth, what's breaking it down in your stomach? Not much.

So the first step to problem solving is CHEWING.

Wait. Strike that. The first step is to SLOW DOWN AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE DOING.

Ever heard of "mindful eating" well that's the practice of actually acknowledging the fact that you're nourishing yourself, rather than inhaling whatever gruel you popped out of the microwave (as was the case with me) whilst flipping through an US Weekly or checking your work email.

Just by thinking about food your brain triggers your saliva glands to start salivating (re: "mouth watering") and your saliva is your body's first responder when it comes to digestion - already beginning the process in your mouth. If you're not thinking, you're not salivating.

Once you've taken a moment to acknowledge your food and thank God, Buddah, or mom for the glorious abundance that lie before you, then start chewing. Like 30 times. Or more if you can.

Sounds easy but it's not. I'm currently working on this practice and it literally takes  all my mental strength and focus just to chew more than 10 times. But you must. Sit down. Concentrate. And Chew. For the love of God. Chew.

If nothing else motivates you perhaps the almighty dollar will, remember: all that money you're spending on grass-fed, all-natural, fermented goodness you might as well throw down the drain if you're not chewing your food. Your body can't benefit from what it can't digest.

Now on to Digestion PT II...

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