Well, not chocolate actually but cacao - a very controversial food in the nutrition world, it's health benefits are highly debated - who's right, who's wrong? Who knows. But I decided to give it a whirl. I made avocado mouse with cacao and banana and I do NOT recommend eating this before bed - even though I only had a small amount, I was fired up like Richard Simmons at an American Apparel clearance sale. This experience lead me to think I might be able to harness the mighty power of cacao in times of need... 

Cut to an 8am client call and one too many glasses of vino the night before. Instead of going for the coffee pot I dumped a tablespoon of cacao into my morning smoothie. Wonder of wonders (!) I was altert, but not jittery or anxious, and seemed to be experiencing an overall feeling of wellbeing. I waited for the imminent comedown but it never came. Just a smooth transition back into normalcy. 

After a bit of research I learned the compounds in this "black gold" make it literally the perfect hangover elixir: 


  • Crippling anxiety                      
  • Stress
  • Fatigue / Quicksand brain


  • Euphoria (increased seratonin)
  • Relaxation (Anandamide the "bliss chemical") 
  • Increased focus / alertness (Phenylethylamine) 

Other Pros: 

  • 4x's the antioxidants in green tea
  • High in magnesium (the number one mineral deficiency in the US)
  • High in Chromium (blood sugar regulation) 
  • High in Vitamin C 


Kind of. 


Theobromine - a chemical similar to caffeine (hence the alertness) can cause hyperactivity, mood swings, general insanity, addiction, etc if you over do it.  So I do not recommend dousing yourself with cacao at the top of the morning every day - especially you low-oxalaters. But you can use the power of cacao to make some serious zero dark thirty power moves when your back's against the wall and your head's in a vice.