The principles of nutrition are universal, but every body is different. This is why I work with you to learn everything - from food allergies, to kitchen skills and "texture issues". Together, we'll create a plan that's designed for your body and your life.    


In a perfect world everyone would love sardines and have hours of time to brew their own bone broth. But this is not a perfect world and few people love sardines. I'll design a program that works with your tastes and lifestyle exactly how they are. 


no grilled chicken

Unless you really like it of course. Otherwise, I'll show you how you can enjoy more, ah, tasteful foods like steak, butter and wine (yes wine) while loosing weight, boosting your energy, and reaching all of your goals. 

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For 10 years I tried it all: The Zone, Atkins, low fat, no fat, no food - everything. Only to find out that not only did it not work, it made me miserable, insecure, obsessive and sick. Finally I realized you can't look good on the outside if you're a total mess on the inside...